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Trace oxygen sensor TO2-1X used for glove box oxygen content monitoring

Date:2020-12-23 11:27:19

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Vacuum glove box is a kind of laboratory equipment that fills high-purity inert gas into the box and circulates and filters out the active substances in the box. Also called inert gas protection box, drying box, etc. It is mainly used to remove O2, H2O and organic gases, and is widely used in ultra-pure environments without water, oxygen and dust.
Under the control and monitoring of the programmable controller, the working gas in the glove box is closed and circulated between the glove box and the purification column (water and oxygen adsorber) through the pipeline and the circulating fan. When the working gas circulates through the purification tower, the moisture and oxygen contained therein are absorbed and then returned to the tank. With the extension of the cycle time, the moisture and oxygen content in the working gas in the box gradually decreases, and finally reaches the goal of less than 1ppm. After a period of circulation, the purification tower will be saturated by adsorption and can be regenerated and reused.

The operation of the glove box needs to be isolated from the air for experiments. For example, lithium metal reacts with oxygen, and some reactions need to be carried out in an inert gas such as argon. Use open (unshielded) radioactive sources, and protect them with lead and lead glass, mainly to protect experimenters from toxic chemicals. It is more isolated than the Tongbi cabinet, but it is inconvenient to operate. The glove box is mainly used in extremely toxic situations to conduct experiments that may cause serious biological hazards, such as toxic bacteria.
Installing the oxygen sensor in the glove box can monitor the oxygen content in the box in real time, and display the current content on the touch screen, which can realize the interlocking of the oxygen sensor with the circulating fan and purifier in the glove box to achieve continuous deoxygenation when the oxygen content is high , Maintain test or production conditions.
In addition, when the glove box purification system is regenerating, an oxygen sensor is used to monitor the oxygen content in the box, and it can be judged whether the oxygen content in the box is below 1PM after 24 hours of purification. If the content is too high, it may be suspected that the glove box is not tightly sealed or has other problems.