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Vibration sensor can monitor the status of smart manhole cover in real time

Date:2020-12-23 11:33:52

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In recent years, with the continuous acceleration of urbanization in my country and the continuous rapid development of urban infrastructure construction, various municipal public underground pipelines such as water supply and drainage, gas, heating, electricity, communications, etc. have been increasing, and various inspections on urban roads Correspondingly, the number of wells continues to increase, and the management of urban road manhole covers is becoming more and more important. Due to poor management of urban manhole covers, various incidents of injury and damage to vehicles occur frequently throughout the country.
The inadequate management of manhole covers has seriously affected the personal safety of citizens and has caused negative social impact. How to improve and strengthen the management of urban manhole covers has become a difficult and hot issue that plagues municipal facilities management departments throughout the country. In order to strengthen the management of urban roads, ensure the integrity of urban roads, give full play to the functions of urban roads, and promote urban economic and social development, the government's promulgation of various relevant laws and regulations is one aspect of strengthening the management of municipal facilities. In addition, it should be objective and fair. , A comprehensive analysis of various factors in reality can better promote the management of municipal facilities and provide people with a safer road environment.

Although the digital city management technology is becoming more and more mature, the responsible unit can be found in a short time and repaired in a short time for basically all kinds of damaged manhole covers, but there are still many management blind spots. Some unmaintained wells and abandoned wells cannot confirm the ownership unit, and some wells have unclear property rights. Once these wells are damaged, they cannot be repaired in time. The maintenance of these wells is often more expensive and more costly than the maintenance of wells with clear property rights. During this period, it poses a threat to the personal safety of citizens, and once an accident occurs, it will cause irreparable losses.
In addition, due to the lack of effective real-time monitoring and management methods for a large number of manhole covers outside, illegal activities such as moving and theft of manhole covers occur from time to time due to the lack of effective real-time monitoring and management methods. At the same time, damaged, damaged, and lost manhole covers are also unable to be timely. Not being able to repair them in time if they are notified will not only affect the normal operation of related equipment and cause huge direct or indirect economic losses, but the loss of the wellhead of the manhole cover will also cause great harm to vehicles and pedestrians on the road, and to social stability , Security has caused a great negative impact.
The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development put forward a notice on further strengthening the safety management of urban manhole covers in April 2013, requiring the implementation of digital management of manhole covers in urban water supply, drainage, gas, heating, real estate (property), electricity, telecommunications, radio and television and other departments. To realize effective supervision of social resources and ensure the personal safety of the people. Although the management requirements of municipal manhole covers are very clear, due to the large number of urban manhole covers, even if the management department arranges maintenance personnel to strengthen inspections, they cannot fully guarantee the safety of manhole covers, and cannot obtain equipment information effectively in real time, and face abnormalities. The situation cannot achieve real-time monitoring and fast and efficient management. In order to better guarantee the safety of public facilities, it is urgent to adopt new technologies and new models to strengthen the safety management of manhole covers.
Based on trajectory analysis and inclination detection of the micro-vibration sensor of the manhole cover, it monitors the movement status of the manhole cover in real time. When the manhole cover flips or moves, the alarm system will be activated, thus establishing a complete IoT monitoring network, which not only avoids the people caused by abnormal manhole cover The loss of life and property has also greatly improved the level of public services and socialization.