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NJU77903DL3H operational amplifier

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The new JRC NJU77903DL3H high endurance large output rail-to-rail input and output CMOS operational amplifier
NJU77903 is a rail-to-rail input and output op amp that can obtain large output and has a voltage tolerance of 40V. It is most suitable for large output applications that required external power transistors in the past. In addition, there are excellent RF noise resistance characteristics.
Performance characteristics
Large output current (±100mA typ. (200mApp typ.))
Operating temperature range (Topr= -40ºC to +125ºC)
Rail-to-rail input and output characteristics
High resistance to RF noise
Working voltage (6.8V to 36V)
Current consumption (9.5mA typ.)
Voltage gain (100dB typ.)
Input bias current (1pA typ.)
Voltage conversion rate (3.5V/μs typ.)
Unity gain frequency (1.5MHz typ.)
Built-in thermal shutdown circuit
Built-in current-limiting circuit (NJW77903KW2 can use an external resistor to adjust the current-limiting value)
Package (TO252-5, DFN8-W2 (ESON8-W2))
Resolver driver
motor driver
Speaker driver
Semiconductor tester
Linear booster